Sunday, May 31, 2009

Special Feature!

Last week I was contacted by Marcy Lamberson from StudioMarcy on Etsy. She asked if she could feature me and my Etsy shop on her blog. I am so flattered! I have admired her and her work for years now and it's such a wonderful compliment that she would want to feature me.

I had been frequenting Etsy long before I had a shop there and Marcy's beads always stood out. They are fun and endearing and I admired them from the start. Every time I went there I would always come across her beads and I would say to myself, "who is that?" and every time I would check and it was Marcy. In my opinion, she is the first lampwork artist that was really successful on Etsy. I remember thinking, if she can do it so can I.

I truly enjoy reading her blog, to be featured on it, is an honor! So please stop by and take a look. Tell me what you think!