Friday, May 29, 2009

Make Your Blog a Book!

I was recently reading my friends blog, she blogs about her family. It's such a wonderful thing because she is able to capture her kids lives so conveniently. Blogging is so easy, she can immediately post the funny things they say and she won't forget them. She blogs about the wonderful trips they take, milestones and special days, and her whole family, even her distant relatives, can keep up with how they are doing.

While searching the internet recently, I came across They will print your blog in book form. How wonderful is that!?! It lays everything out nicely and even prints the comments people leave on your blog. You can edit it as much or as little as you like and it's really affordable. I sent the link to my friend, what a wonderful keepsake for her!

As for me, I am still getting the hang of blogging so I am not sure I will be turning my blog into a book yet but I might someday. I think it would make a great portfolio for artists and craftspeople and a great dolly diary!


Rachel said...

I am sooooo excited about the book! I am going to make it into a book after Andy's first birthday blog. Then I will make one every year. That is my plan! A year in a book. :) Awesome, thank you so much!