Sunday, March 7, 2010

Plays With Fire Ring by MistyMade

I got one! I got one!! I have been wanting one of these rings for years, ever since I started making lampworked beads. Isn't it fun?

When Misty first started making these rings she created them as a student in her metalsmithing class. Once she finished her classes, she wasn't able to make more rings because she didn't have equipment of her own to cast them. The rings then became a hot commodity! I would see the rings off and on my favorite lampworking forum LampworkEtc and  yearn for one along with a lot of my fellow glass artists. Last year Misty was able to get the equipment and has been selling them ever since. What I think is really cool is that they are recognizable amongst the flameworking community. If I see someone wearing one, I know they are a flameworker and they share my passion. I think every flameworker should have one!

Misty makes more than these rings, she's a talented beadmaker as well as metalsmith. Please check her website and Etsy shop to see more of her work. She's recently revived her blog which has some really interesting information on how her rings are made and I'm looking forward to more :)