Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sweet Stuff....or not...

This is our entry for the Blythe Photo Challenge for May. The theme was "The Sweet Stuff". Pepper of course couldn't let it all be sugary goodness, she had to show her spicy side with the "bite me" lollipop. We had a lot of fun with this one!

This month I procrastinated again and came in a few hours after the deadline so we aren't in the running to win but for myself personally, I have a goal to participate every month. It's really fun to find out the theme and then try to come up with something fun. It gets me thinking creatively and helps me get motivated to take more pictures. After all that's most of the fun of having Blythe dolls for me. Let's hope I don't wait till the last minute again next month, I was really disappointed that I missed the deadline.

I did however donate a Blythe doll necklace as a prize for this month and sent that in weeks ago. I hope whoever wins enjoys it!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a really great Mother's Day. I had a wonderful weekend celebrating. Saturday we took a drive to see my Mom and Dad. We had lunch, played family games and visited. It was a beautiful day with a lot of love and laughter. 

Today, I woke up to 3 wonderful handmade cards from my kids. My husband made breakfast and gave me some flowers to plant in the yard and a hammer! LOL! A hammer you say? Well just ask any tool junkie and they will agree, that tools are wonderful gifts! I have been struggling with getting good impressions when making my metal stamped necklaces and this is one hefty hammer! I should have no problems now. We finished up the day with dinner and more games with my Mom-in-law. It was great.

The picture above is me modeling the apron I made for my Mom-in-law for Mother's Day. It's the first major project I have made with my new sewing machine and it came out great. I got the kit on Etsy from Mary Kay of Geneva Designs. Let me tell you, she makes the cutest aprons and also sells kits to make your own. Everything is pre-cut so you can get right to the fun stuff. I really enjoyed making it and Mary Kay is wonderful to work with.

For my Mom's gift, I got her a book on the Alice in Wonderland movie. It's the visual companion on the making of the movie. She once mentioned that she hoped there would be a book that showed all the artwork from the movie. This book is really awesome, it shows all the characters, their costumes, the sets and more.  My mom makes pictures and caricatures with polymer clay and this book will definitely inspire her creativity. I'm excited to see what she makes!