Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Honeythorpe Studio

My friend Melissa of Honeythorpe Studio makes the cutest dresses for Blythe and BJD dolls. BJD stands for ball jointed dolls and I find I'm falling in love with them too. For me, it's the tiny ones that call to me and especially Melissa's little cutie Aoife. She has so much personality!  God help me! Aoife is a Pukifee made by Fairyland and she's about 6 inches tall, that's half the size of Blythe dolls.

Having recently sewn my first Blythe dress, I have much appreciation for Melissa's sewing skills. Her dresses are beautiful and carefully made, I just love her fabric choices! Right now her best selling dresses are for the tiny BJD's, and I can't imagine sewing something so small. I have two dresses she's made in Blythe size and I love them. The above picture shows Jesse and Pepper modeling them. 

Melissa lives in New Zealand, and we keep in touch regularly. We actually met through Etsy. I had a PIF (Pay It Forward)  necklace in the shop and Melissa was the one who snapped it up.  I think that PIF worked its wonders for the both of us, we have become great friends!

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop and blog, and to follow Aoife's adventures don't miss her on Flickr!