Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Blythe Photo Challenge

I'm excited! I just submitted my entry for the Blythe Photo Challenge. It's a group over on Flickr. Each month a subject is announced, and you have until the end of the month to submit your photo. April's subject was "Up Close and Personal". I, of course waited till the very last minute and almost didn't make it. I made that little butterfly with polymer clay last night and painted it this morning. I always tell myself that I work better under pressure, it sounds much better than "Hi my name is Jenny and I am a procrastinator!" Next month will be different I hope.

There are a lot of photo challenges on Flickr ranging from 365 Days of Blythe , A Doll A Day, 52 Weeks of Blythe and more but this one is monthly and more my speed. This should help me work my way up to the bigger challenges one day.
While the other challenges are personal accomplishments, The Blythe Photo Challenge also has prizes! They are being donated by individual artists that create things for Blythe dolls and next month I will be donating a necklace. I'm waiting to see what the subject is to see if there is a specific necklace I will send or I may even come up with something new.

I believe you can join any time and if you just want follow along you can do so on Flickr and at the Blythe Photo Challenge Blog.