Monday, November 30, 2009

Our 1st ButtonArcade Dress!

Not only does Button Arcade make fine quality, custom buttons to promote your business, Klye is also a very creative seamstress of Blythe doll fashion. Her dresses are extremely popular and don't last but minutes in her shop. If you are quick with nimble fingers, or just downright lucky you too could own one of these adorable dresses.

You see, we have been stalking her flickr and Artfire shop in hopes of snagging one of these beauties for a while. Always a day late or a dollar short, I was losing hope. Then a few months back I noticed she takes commissions and so I immediately got on the list. The list is long but well worth the wait!

I had just finished redesigning my shop logo and business cards to better capture the feel of what I sell so I asked Kyle if she could make a dress to match. The dress turned out wonderfully, I couldn't be happier!

The girls of course had a little fight over it, Thank God Kyle sent a little rubber chicken in the pocket of the dress, it helped Jesse calm down a little once she realized the dress wasn't for her. Little does she know that there is a surprise coming for her soon from frenchpants shhh! don't tell her!

The cool little comic above was created by me on my iphone with an app call Strip Designer. I LOVE this app and highly recommend it. 


Kyle said...

Ack, you are such a sweetheart!♥ Thank you for the shout out. :D I am beyond thrilled that you love your new dress!