Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blog Giveaway!!

Ok everyone, I need more exposure for my shop and I thought I would do a giveaway! The winner will receive anything in my shop up to a $30.00 value. That could be a blossom necklace, or a matching necklace set for you and your girl, or choose a combination of Blythe pull charms or necklaces. All you have to do to enter is....

Follow my blog here on blogger

Fan my Facebook business page

Friend me on Facebook

Follow my blog through Facebook (click the blog tab, then click the follow button)

Follow me on Twitter

Add a link on your blog to mine

Add a picture of your girl wearing a necklace or pull charm you have received from me to my new Flickr Group

Include an item of mine in a treasury on Etsy.

Add a comment to this post telling me what items in my shop you like or what you would like to see.

You will receive an entry for each thing you do, if you already do one those things, I will still include it as an entry.

The drawing will be on July 1st!
Everyone that participates will receive 20% off of their next purchase.

Please leave a comment listing your entries and your blog addresses if you choose to add a link (I will reciprocate with a link on my blog and follow you back!)

Thank you and good luck!!


Jo said...
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blueviolet said...

I'm following your blog.

blueviolet said...

I facebook fan'd your business page.

blueviolet said...

I follow you on twitter (blueviolet)


Wendy (scwendy) said...

Thanks for posting about your esty shop and your blog!!! Fantastic work:)

Sarah said...

I did the following:

-followed your blog
-friended you on facebook
-became a fan on facebook
-followed you on Twitter

(I am Sarah Kooymans on fb and CoffeeShopAngel on twitter)

-and in your shop I like the black kitty cat necklaces for Blythe! (you are favorite-d on my etsy)

So thats 5 entries right? I hope I win, I've wanted one of the black kitty necklaces but haven't had the money. :( Thanks for this contest! You make great things!

stephanie said...

follow you on twitter (skalovingeek) and your blog and added a photo to the flickr group. :)

Jo said...

OK, I have -

-Followed you on Twitter (JRDM)
-Added you as a friend on Facebook,
-Bacome a fan of your usiness on Facebook,
-Posted photos to your Flickr group,
-Posted photos and link on my blog -

Phew! Love your work - hope I win (have my eye on the necklaces that match my girls pullcharms!)

Rachel said...


Hope the shop is going well. I am not going to enter becuase I already have 2 of your amazing peices, but I thought I would say hi anyway! Miss you!


Marissa A. said...

hi !
i love your things, i love how you can match necklaces with your girls! Finally some cute jewelry that fits blythe!! i specially love the panda and hello kitty one :D
i'd love to see some fruit necklaces! like strawberries and such :)

-i added you on facebook (name's Marissa Aguiniga
-became a fan of your facebook
- and this comment :)

alice_dear (xalicex) said...


I am following you on twitter!

SweetLily said...

Your necklaces are very cute, I love the sweet panda one :)
I'm following your blog and following you on twitter

or SweetLily @PP

lexi said...

i especially love the dolly monkey and mushroom necklaces in your shop, and would love to see rubber ducky and piggie ones for some real girls in my life!

my entries:
fan fb bus page
blog link ~
item comment above

:) lexi

Pigwidget said...

Great idea on promoting your shop... Something I am doing right this minute myself :)

What the heck! I'll take a stab at entering too! Look out for me:

> following your blog
> linking to your blog from mine
> adding you as a favourite shop on Etsy (u/n 'mstrory')
> I already follow you on Twitter :)
> plus, taking a look at your shop I loved the kitty pull charms and necklaces for Blythe, as well as the foggy one (I have a thing for frogs!); what I would like to see is some more gothy ones for my Nina. Crosses, black skulls, spiders, ying-yang etc...

Fingers crossed! B x

stephanie said...

forgot my email. its

Pigwidget said...

An update for you:

Have re-added the link to you from my b'log, The Pigwidget Chronicles, at post b'log 'spring' clean...