Sunday, February 28, 2010

A custom order, a trade and my new dolly closet :)

I recently received  a request from Rebecca (Squirrel Junkie) to make some custom necklaces for two very special Blythe dolls, Bea and Squirrel. These two dolls happen to be "Besties" and I was to make them matching squirrel necklaces. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. Squirrels have more detail than most of the beads I make for dolls and because I make them so small (under 10mm), I wasn't sure if it would actually end up looking like a squirrel. I was really happy with how easy it turned out to be and I was able to make two the same size. The stars must have been aligned properly that day, it usually takes me a few tries with  new designs to get them right. 


 Rebecca has an Etsy shop and makes some very cool things for doll lovers from her bunny nuggets to these adorable little wire hangers. I've had my eye on them and told her I would love to trade the necklaces for some hangers for my doll clothes. Look at the details of the wrappers, they even have a little bar code on them and come with two tiny little clothespins. ADORABLE!

So I picked up this little shelf at Michael's and spent some time painting it. I added a wooden dowel and voila, a dolly closet was born! I love how cute this turned out. I should have picked a bigger shelf though, I have way more clothes than that!


Laura said...

That's one cute shelf! You did a fab job.

stephanie said...

gerat job on the squirrel :)