Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where the Magic Happens!!

My creative crib! I've been watching too much MTV lately!

There have been a lot of threads in various forums lately requesting people show their work spaces. I recently cleaned up mine and thought I would share it with you, for a more accurate depiction just look at the pic of me making beads on the right side of my blog to see how creatively messy I get!

I have my torch set up in the corner of the garage.  I think I need some more artwork on the walls, it looks a bit plain don't you think? I want to put little ACEO's all over the wall for inspiration. If anyone makes them or knows of some really neat ones, please share!

When we moved in my husband painted my spot purple, with a dragonfly on the ceiling.  The rest of the walls he painted with blue flames on them, you can barely see them though with all the junk in there now, LOL!

Here is a picture of Pepper sporting her flame pants next to my pyromaniac sign. I had to include her after all, she is my muse!


Lauren said...

Jenny - your work space is great! I love the elbow pads - did you make that yourself? And Pepper is too cute.