Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Want to add your Etsy shop to Facebook? You can with Wishpot!

Have you heard of Wishpot? It's a wonderful tool for both shoppers and indie shop owners alike.

Wishpot is an online service that lets you add anything you want to your Wishpot wish list or registry. It's perfect for your gift list, birthday wish list, wedding registry, honeymoon registry, baby registry, Christmas list and much more.

When you sign up for Wishpot and become an Indie Expert and you can add your shop to the Wishpot website and with their new Facebook application, you can also add your Etsy shop to your Facebook Fan Page, not profile, but FAN PAGE!

I have been a Wishpot member for a few years but recently signed up to be an Indie Expert. Not only can you post your shop to Wishpot and Facebook, when you update your blog it automatically posts it to Wishpot. Wishpot is another social networking site that is valuable for your shop and yet another great way to get yourself out there. Here is a list of reasons why every handmade artisan should sign up for Wishpot;

Share your blog and website

Get your badge, add it to your blog, Myspace and more

Share your shop on Facebook

Share your products and wishes on Twitter

Guest post on the Wishpot Blog

Submit an item to be featured as a Daily Featured Product

Promote your giveaways and contests

I have only scratched the surface on some of the features Wishpot offers. They keep adding more great things, I totally recommend them and I am happy to be a member.

Even if you aren't a seller Wishpot is a wonderful tool to keep track of things you want all over the web. My family has been using Wishpot for a few years to keep track of the kids wish lists for birthdays and holidays, it's so easy for them, we have added the "add to Wishpot" button to our browser and the kids can add anything they find online to their wish lists, even Etsy items!

Here is a link to get the most out of wishpot as an Indie Expert. It goes into details and includes links about the features listed above.

Click the button below to go to my Wishpot and see my profile, I would love some more friends so please add me if you like!

Let me know if you have trouble, I have an email for a very friendly, very helpful lady at Wishpot that can help you set everything up.

*** UPDATE *** It's not very clear on the site as to how to become a  vendor or indie expert. Once you have created your Wishpot account, please email merchants@wishpot.com to request a vendor account,  when I requested mine, I included links to my shop and blog. It may take a few days before they get back to you. In the meantime, explore the site and get started creating lists, it will help you to become more familiar with everything.

Wishpot Indie Badge


Gwendolyn's Design Blog said...

WOW - lots of info thanks from a fairly new ETSYin. (Under a year old, & deffinetly learning a lot!)
Thanks, Gwen

Tracy said...

Oh, that's a great tool! And I am definitely checking out the F/book app. The one provided by Etsy is hard to maintain.

Anonymous said...

very cool - why do more Etsy people not use this to have a FB store...?

diana said...

sounds like a tool worth checking out. Thanks for the info.

Tina said...

you make neat stuff! also loved this post - and now love Wishpot - thanks!

Gabrielle said...

Thank you so much for blogging and sharing this info! I have alot to learn.
Gabrielle (Herbfriend on Etsy)