Sunday, August 9, 2009

A New Do and Name That Girl Contest and Giveaway!

My girl finally has on her new wig from Sleeping Elf. I've had it here for a week or so but was a little hesitant to put it on her. The way these wigs are made doesn't leave a lot of room for hair so I had to give her a haircut first. I found out, I am not very good at that. She had frizzy ADG hair anyway and it was starting to look really bad. Luckily, I don't plan to change her hair anytime soon. I love wild, curly, red ragamuffin hair and that's exactly what she has now.

So with her new do, she needs a name. I was thinking of having a little contest. I am not very creative when it comes to names and thought that I would ask you all for help.

To give you some insight, I will tell you a little about how she has inspired me and how she has evolved. You all know I make glass beads on a torch, I had always wanted to sell them but didn't really make anything that stood out, then I discovered Blythe and was so inspired to make tiny necklaces, I finally took the plunge and opened shop. So with that in mind, and her crazy orange hair, anything fire related is a possibility. Also, as a kid, I loved Pippi Longstocking and Orphan Annie, both are red headed ragamuffins. I like quirky names for dolls, but am open to any and all suggestions.

If I choose your name, you will win a doll necklace. If you don't own a doll, I will give you a coupon good for $10.00 off any item in my shop and free shipping. If for some reason, I still can't decide on a name, I will enter everyone into a drawing to determine the winner.

Please post a comment with your suggestions along with your email address.
The contest will run through next Sunday August 16th, midnight. I will announce the winner Monday August 17th by 12 noon Pacific time.


Samantha (xalicex/ alice_dear) said...

My suggestions are Goldilocks because that is who she reminds me of at first glance, Pyra because it sounds like a girly version of Pyro, Peach because of the color of her hair, Blossom because of her hair color again, and Lyza because I think it sounds pretty!

Your girls looks really cute with her new hair.. Hope you find a name for her soon!

Suzanne said...

What a pretty girl! Her hair is gorgeous!

Here are a few names that came to my mind: Piper, Maggie, Fiona, Amber, Sunny, and Topaz.

hedge said...


I'm hedge on PP :)

TLC Inspirations said...

I love Piper, but I would like to suggest Paisley (the kaleidoscope of color), Ivy (green eyes) or Zoe (just because).

Hope you find a name for her!

Vicki said...

ooh this is a good comp..... um here are mine:

Dawn, Paige, Lexy, Mylee
Good luck choosing a name:D

taffyyarn said...

Pepper. She looks like a Pepper to me.

Kim said...

I would name her Persimmon. Persi for short.
Maybe Poppy since those are red flowers...!

Melissa said...

She looks fabulous Jenny - I love that new do! She definitely has a Pippi vibe going on - could you call her something in homage to her - maybe the Lotta part of Pippilotta or Mac - short for Mackrelmint one of Pippi's middle names? And I think she should wear mismatched stockings whenever possible ;) Totally OT but I once dressed up as Pippi and wired my hair with coathangers!!

Jenkins said...

Mai Tai

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Aideen which is "Little Fire" in Irish



Forgot to add: I'm feisty on PP/TIB and coffeeshopangel on flickr

Sarah said...

Ooh! I just thought of two more after seeing your new photos on facebook:




Lisa said...

I'm ambitiouslove@Twitter ^^ Congrats on your new girl! Her hairstyle is so fun!

My suggestions are a little geeky, since I'm a fan of myths and their god/goddesses ^^ Here are some names of goddesses of fire:
- Hestia (Greek)
- Vesta (Roman)
- Brigit (Celtic)