Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tool Time!

I make my doll necklace beads as tiny as possible. Consistency in size is often challenging for me. In order to be more consistent I asked Darrell Tapley of Tapley Handcrafts, if he could create his lentil tongs in a custom size for me. The smallest size he offers is 10mm. I asked if he could make them as small as 6mm and thankfully, he was up for the challenge! I had my custom tongs within a week, and they work great. His tools are well made and affordable and he provides awesome customer service. I am one happy customer! You can find Darrell through his website or tapcraft on ebay.

The picture above shows the 3 sets of tongs I own. They are 16mm, 10mm and now 6mm, I made some apple beads to show you what the finished beads look like.